Pneumatic Hammer G-10 (MO-2K)

Pneumatic Hammer G-10 (MO-2K)

Product Description:

 1.It can be applied to the uran construction for breaking the old roadway, to the facilities installation of industrial and mining enterprise for breaking the original concrete ground.
 2. It can be applied to break firm and freezed ground in civil engineering,substruction and civil air defence works and so on.
 3. It can be applied to cut coal layer and break soft mineral in mining industry.


Impacting Frequency16 HZ
Impact Energy43 J
Air Consumption23L/s max
Cylinder Diameter38 mm
Inside Diameter Of Sunction Tube16 mm
Noise (power level)118 dB(A)max
Diameter Of Tail Pick24 mm
Length Of Tail Pick70 mm
Weight10 Kg